Signs of Carpet Wear

A quality carpet should last around 10-15 years if cared for properly. The best type of carpet for durability is nylon carpet.

You can also preserve the performance of a carpet and extend its lifetime with routine carpet cleaning from a professional service.

Even still, carpet will wear down over time and you will need to replace it. The key is to identify the signs of carpet wear as opposed to dirty or damaged carpet.

If you notice these signs of carpet wear, it is time to consider replacing the carpet in your home:


A wall-to-wall carpet should be flat across the entire surface of the room or a home.

If you start to notice bumps, bubbles or hills in the middle of the room or away from the walls and corners, it is a sign that the adhesive and pad beneath the surface are wearing down.

Once the pad and adhesive wear down, you must replace them. You cannot repair a carpet pad or backing. Wear is irreversible.


Your carpet is colorful due to the dyes from the manufacturer. These dyes create bold or neutral tones for style in your home. But over time, the colors and dyes will fade.

The color fade could be due to dirt or soil on the surface of the carpet and deeper in the fibers. You should first hire a professional steam cleaning service to clean the carpet and see if the color returns afterwards.

If the color does not return from deep cleaning, it will not return. You will then need to decide if you want to replace the carpet in your home with new, more colorful carpet.


There are several causes for carpet stains. Foot traffic, food stains and pet stains are the most common. You can typically remove most carpet stains if you address them immediately or hire a carpet cleaner soon after the stain occurs.

But the longer you leave a stain on carpet, the greater chance that stain becomes permanent. Depending the size and severity of the stain, the entire carpet could be ruined from it.

Carpet stains have a way of attracting the eye and will soon become the focus of the floor. If this is the case for your carpet, you will want to install new carpet as soon as you can.


The most common sign of carpet wear is matting. Matting occurs from excessive amounts of traffic over time.

The carpet will be pressed down over and over again every time someone steps on it. New carpet is more resilient and will bounce back after someone steps on it. Old carpet will stay pressed down and over time the resiliency will be gone from the carpet.

Matting will indicate that it is time to tear out the carpet and replace it with new carpet in your home.

Examine these signs of carpet wear closely to see if cleaning will reverse them. If not, you will need to invest in new carpet to improve your décor and the appearance of the home.

How to Mix Concrete

concrete mix

You will need to use concrete mix for the installation of poles for fencing or the walls for a garden bed.

There are many needs for concrete when it comes to DIY home repair and outdoor projects. You will want to know how to mix concrete.

The good news is the process is very easy. You can mix concrete very fast and continue with your project right away.

You will need a wheelbarrow, concrete mix, hoe, gloves, measuring quart, bucket and shovel in order to properly mix concrete for your repair or installation.


You first need to wear eye protection and gloves that are waterproof. Safety comes first for all home repair projects. Please take the time to consider the safest way to complete any home repair project. This includes mixing concrete.


Pour the concrete mix into a wheelbarrow. Pour the mix into the middle of the wheelbarrow and create a crater in the middle of the pile of mix. We recommend you use Quickrete® mix.


Measure the correct amount of water you will need for the mixture. You should plan on using around 3 quarts of water to create a good mix for your project.

You need to be careful to not add to much water. You can ruin concrete mix if you add to much water. Too much water will make the mixture too weak and you won’t be able to return it to a stronger consistency after.


Pour 2/3 of the necessary water into the crater you made in the middle of the pile of concrete mix. Now use a hoe to work the mix and gradually pour the rest of the water into the mix as you continue the process. You want a uniform consistency across the mixture that is similar to oatmeal.

The wheelbarrow will be much heavier once the mixture is complete. Be careful to not overexert yourself in pushing the wheelbarrow to your desired location.

You will need to repeat this process for however much concrete you need. You will need one bag of mix per fence pole so plan on purchasing five or more bags of concrete mix for a proper fence installation.